Sunday, March 29, 2009
Aloha and E-Komo Mai (Welcome) to my blog.

I finally caved in and have started my blog. This is where you, my friends, family, clients-(current and future), and anyone else who may be interested will have the opportunity to get to know me better. You'll learn a little more about what motivates me, how I feel about my work and how it may have been created. I will spotlight my most recent projects, (portrait sessions, weddings and my artwork). You will also be able to get the latest scoop on Maui.

I maybe here every day, and then again I may not. It all depends on how many hours are in the day. You say, Kimberly, there are only 24...I say, hmmm... maybe today has 30 and yesterday 12. I'm definitely not going to "tweet" to say I'm pouring a cup of tea, a glass of wine or brushing my teeth! If that's what I'm doing, I'm can't be writing, and I'm not going to bore you with those silly details. I will talk about my family and my puppy, Roxy and Kitty.

I may share with you something special that may have occurred that day or about a wedding or portrait session. You may see the latest in my art gallery. Yes, my Maui Fine Art Gallery is finally on my website. All of the portraits are available to purchase. Please watch for the newest additions and a link to view it and order. I hope you will enjoy it and pass along both the gallery link and my blog link to your friends and family.

Finally...this will be a work in progress. I have never done this before except for my Facebook(which I recently started and yes, you are invited to be my friend). But as I was starting to say. Maui was not formed in a day. It took hundreds if not thousands of years of hot lava to create this beautiful island I call home. Hopefully my blog will not take that long to develop into intelligent and entertaining reading.

"Each day and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness"
Sunday February 22, 2015
I Love Hana!
I had a wonderful day! Angelina and Michael were celebrating their honeymoon in Maui. They live in Oahu and Michael is in service to our country, based at the Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Marine Corps Base Hawaii. We started our day meeting at 6:00am to spend an adventurous day traveling to Hana. We made several stops at waterfalls, fruit stand and forests along the way. They were such a romantic couple. Our day was absolutely gorgeous. You never know when going to Hana if it will rain or not, but we were very fortunate to have perfect weather. You may ask why we started at 6am. The reason being, the roads do get very busy and we wanted to avoid the cars and get great lighting as well. Stopping at Keanae, a very little community with a beautiful peninsula. Wainapanapa State Park with it's black sand beach and beautiful trails was the best part. A trip to Hana is about the journey, not the destination.
Friday February 20, 2015
It's Aloha Friday and what a perfect way to start your day but with a stroll on the beach at 8:00am? This is one of my favorite beaches in Kihei.
Monday January 22, 2015
The past few days had huge waves all over the island. I was on a quest to find some great ones when I walked upon this sunset. It reminded me of the time, many years, ago, shortly after I moved to Maui, I saw one of the prettiest sunsets ever. I was walking by this man reading a book and I mentioned to him "Isn't that a fabulous sunset?" He looked up from his book and replied "You've seen one Maui sunset, you've seen them all." How sad it made me feel, that he could not appreciate the beauty before our eyes. I told myself that night, if I ever feel that way, I need to leave Maui. 16 years later, I'm still here and am constantly amazed by the ever changing sunsets. Thank you to that man and thank you Maui for another beautiful sunset.
Monday January 5, 2015
What better place to dance on the beach to the music of the majestic waves on your wedding day in Maui?
Saturday, January 3, 2015
High School Senior portraits are especially fun when you watch the senior grow before your eyes. So nice to see Zachary Killen again! Photographing his sisters portraits over the years and now Zack! What a great guy! South Maluaka Beach in Makena is such a wonderful location.
Thursday January 1, 2015
The story behind this: I had already set up the little scene for my calendar cover I was photographing in September. I was just getting ready to start taking the photo when I was suddenly and unexpectedly blessed with the rainbow that appeared. So yes, it is about being in the right place at the right time!
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year)!
Wednesday December 31, 2014
Happy New Year!
Tuesday, December 23, 2014
We are Barefoot in Maui! What else when you're on the beach? The Kmiec Family were so much fun!
Saturday, December 20, 2014
Every year Santa comes to The Maui Ocean Center Aquarium to visit our underwater friends. I hope you all have been good...because Scuba Santa is back and he checks on everyone...even the fish! ‪#‎MeleKalikimaka‬
Wednesday December 17, 2014
How wonderful to photograph The Hehli Family from Wisconsin again! It's always such a joy for me to see families come back and photograph them through the years!
Thanksgiving, November 27, 2014
We celebrated Thanksgiving with a new edition to our family this year! Elijah was such a good little boy with all the festivities!
Monday, November 12, 2014
"We're Married!!!"
Jaclyn and Jonathan Wong enjoyed their honeymoon on Maui and The Makena Beach and Golf Resort. Jonathan had to be one of the most fun guys I have photographed. He enjoyed playing and getting silly! What you don't see is when they got soaking wet in the waves at the end!
Monday, November 2, 2014
Nicole and Minesh are so very excited for the arrival of their first baby. Photographing Maternity Portraits is so Magical. We went to one of my favorite beaches in Kihei, Maui. It almost feels like a private location. I was a childbirth instructor many years ago, so I feel I have a good understanding and sensitivity during this very private and special time.
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Wedding in Kapalua Chad and Vannessa's wedding at Kapalua Bay was beautiful with a gorgeous sunset! Many friends came from Washington State. The afternoon started out pretty hot but as the sun started to set it was comfortable and beautiful! And of course, they were Barefoot in Maui on the beach!
Tuesday October 10, 2014
An Anniversary in Maui
What a beautiful place to celebrate 25 years of marriage! South Maluaka Beach at Makena Beach and Golf Resort is so lovely as it is not as crowded as many of the other beaches. Cheryl and David were having such a fun time and I was happy to capture their anniversary!
Monday, August 14, 2014
The Loughlin Family has been coming to Maui for many years. This is the 7th year I have photographed their growing family at Wailea Beach. It is always such an honor to be asked to continue to create their family portraits on Maui. Lexi, Andrew and Ashton are fun to chase around to catch that perfect moment. It's my happy time!
Friday August 8, 2014
The Blieberg Family have returned to Maui! Yeah! 2006 was the last time they were here. How the children have grown!
Saturday April 29, 2013
Tropical Flowers
This lovely bouquet was just sitting there on the steps of Ali'i Lavender Farm in Kula say "Please photograph me" These are Bird of paradise along with an an assortment of Protea.
Thursday March 27, 2012
High School Senior Portraits
Who says Senior portraits have to be cap and gown? Steven knew how to have fun with them! We here at Barefoot in Maui Photography love taking the High School Senior portraits to next level! Steven Hehli did a great job especially considering he's from Wisconsin
Sunday March 11, 2011
Our Family in Maui
Our family from California, came for their first visit to Maui. My beautiful grandchildren, Madison, Tanner, and Grady otherwise known as my 3 bears. Claire Bear, Big Bear and Baby Bear. Although Baby Bear will most likely be Little Bear before too long. WE ALL had a vacation to remember forever as well as all the rest of us! We did everything time allowed us to do! Lot's of beach time, Going to The Maui Ocean Center, A fun Luau where Madison and Tanner got up on stage with all the other Keiki to hula, swimming in the backyard pool, getting buried in the sand, snorkeling and going to Molokini on the Kai Kanani, pizza time, and of course, a a family portrait session.
Friday March 9, 2012
The Sedlacek Family
Susan, Marty and their beautiful children came back to Maui from Texas for another Beach portraits session. I've been watching The younger Marty, Hannah and Jake grow up with each visit. They are such a lovely family!
Sunday December 26, 2010
Yes, we celebrate Christmas in so many different ways. This year was one of my favorites. We had our traditional Christmas morning, then we were able to go out on The Kai Kanani out of Makena. The entire crew dress up with their Santa hats, as we snorkel, and look for Humpback Whales, dolphins and green sea turtles. Melissa, my daughter, who is a Captain, helped the children with their snorkeling, made them comfortable with the ocean and all the sea creatures. went out and played then cam home for a huge dinner. On the mainland, family members go out and play football, we go swimming! Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)!
Wednesday December 15, 2010
Roxy and Kitty love Christmas too!
Thursday, December 12, 2010
The first part of December is a great time to visit Maui. There aren't as many people visiting the island, so it makes for quieter beaches. The weather is usually great, (no guarantees of course) The Rohovit Family had one of those wonderful sunsets everyone hopes for with their portrait sessions at Wailea Beach
Monday, December 9, 2010
Large Family Portraits on the beach is our specialty!And The Galvagno Family Is a large family! As you can see, when we photograph the family, we capture all combinations. We make it a fun time. Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii.
Monday, November 8, 2010
The Mathison Family Portraits in Maui included their beautiful daughters! Wailea Beach is such a lovely place for photography. Waves, Sunsets, Palm Trees, Lava Rock and lots of sand of course!
Saturday, November 6, 2010
Such beautiful little flower girls! The wedding of Christine and Rene was so beautiful at The Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea.
Thursday October 10, 2010
A Bird's Eye View
Marisa and Anthony McClure had a gorgeous sunny day for their Maui Wedding in Lahaina. Perfect for an afternoon wedding with the harbor in view.
Friday July 17, 2010
Fun Before The Wedding
Shopping, Wedding? How about both? Just a little fun before a beautiful Maui Wedding at The Ritz Carlton in Kapalua.
Friday April 2, 2010
Thank Goodness for Umbrellas!
Yes, it even rains in Kihei, Maui. The rain came and went all day, but stopped just in time for the ceremony! Pete and Laurie were real troopers through it all! We always say in Maui "No Rain, No Rainbows"
Tuesday March 30, 2010
The Bonney Family
Glenda, Brian, Shea and Jordan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, came to Maui for a much needed holiday. The guys were just terrific!
Sunday March 28, 2010
The Friedl Family
Wendy, Rob and Gavin came from Reno, Nevada. Gavin is pretty awesome showing off his Karate moves on the beach.
Saturday March 27, 2010
The Wiley Family
Megan Wiley from Kennewick, Washington, came with her family to have her High School Senior Portraits taken. We always photograph the whole family when we do a senior portrait session. Megan was a natural! Wailea Beach is always a great location for Maui Portraits.
Tuesday March 23, 2010
The Nohle Family
We were playing in the sun..... So nice to have Sheri, Rob, Sophie and Andrew from Redmond, Washington, back in Maui. They are such a sweet family! There are some very sweet beaches in Kihei, Maui. Ocean, Palm Trees and not too many people!
Monday March 1, 2010
The Ibarolle Family
Jay and Leilani come to Maui every year and as the family grows, the boys get cuter all the time. EJ and Evan had a great time chasing for the shells at sunset.
Tuesday February 23, 2010
Zoe is spreading her magical fairy dust in Maui.
Tuesday February 20, 2010
Aida and Keith Pelton started their wedding in Haiku, Maui with a light rain but ended the day with blue sky and a lovely evening.
Wednesday February 17, 2010
Jackie and Jason Armstrong were first here in 2006. I photographed Jackie's pregnancy portraits with her first baby, Jake. Now the family has grown to Maxx and Ava. Jackie's Pregnancy Portraits from 2006 can be found on my website on the pregnancy portrait page.
Wednesday December 16, 2009
Melissa's Birthday much fun! Melissa had her usual ...spaghetti and cheese cake. Jimmy and Rebekah kept the puppy dogs- Roxy, Hurley and Zoe happy. Jimmy thinks they belong at the table-NOT!
Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving is about being thankful for friends and family. Sometimes one of the same. So glad Kathryn and David Regier and of course Samson could join us. We have all our special meals outdoors as it's usually too warm to be inside and so beautiful outside.
Thursday November 12, 2009
It's Whale season! The Humpback Whales have arrived in Maui. There have been many sightings and we welcome them back! If you are visiting Maui, a great way to see them is by taking a whale watch trip on the KaiKanani.
It leaves out of Makena and is a fun trip!
Thursday, October 29, 2009
Roxy is celebrating another win! She won as Most Photogenic in the Maui Weekly News Halloween Pet Costume Contest. She won a 100.00 certificate to her vet! She's a star! Check out to see the details.
Wed. October 28, 2009
Roxy entered The Maui Humane Society Calendar for 2010. The Calendar winners were chosen by a panel from the Humane Society. Here are the results: She and Izzy are sharing Miss February and Roxy is Miss August! She also earned 5th and 10th place with other photos in votes by the public. We thank all who voted as she not only won, but so did The Maui Humane Society with your voting donations.
Friday August 14, 2009
It's all about Roxy these days. She turned 1 in July. Her next door neighbor and good friend Izzy, also turned 1 so Roxy and Izzy had a Birthday Pawty! 16 dogs of every size and 20 humans came. What a fun afternoon...and all the dogs got along without any incidents. The humans too! Yes, it's all very silly, but what a good reason for a party! Roxy even had a special dress. Now that IS silly, but fun!
Friday July 31, 2009
I recently returned from my High School Reunion in Santa Cruz, California. Soquel High School. It was a wonderful 4 day event-filled good time. So many people I haven't seen in sooo many years. Every evening more and more people showed up. The first night was at The Crows Nest at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. There were sailboat races. I wish I could have stayed out to watch the whole race, but was so enjoying catching up with old friends and making new ones! This is the end of the sailboat race as they came into the harbor. Remember all of my Art Gallery images and those in my blog, are available for purchase. This will be printed as a canvas gallery wrap and hang in my ocean themed bedroom.
Saturday June 20, 2009,
I love to go to the Maui Swap Meet on Saturday mornings. It's basically a fabulous farmers market, with a lot of other goodies. The fruit and veggies are so fresh and grown to ripeness, not like what you see in the grocery stores. I try to go every Saturday. If you're visiting Maui, it's also a great place to purchase your gifts to take home. Go early before it gets too hot. It opens at 7am and closes at 1pm.
Saturday May 30, 2009
I love to see families I have photographed previously, return to Maui. The Ibarra family from Oregon, originally came to Maui in 2004. Claire and Brendan have really grown, Claire is such a beauty and Brendan had me laughing. Great kids and super nice family.
Saturday May 23, 2009
Senior portrait time is happening. We had a fun evening photographing Aiden's portraits. Congratulations to Aiden-2009 Senior grad.
Saturday May 16, 2009
Michele and Eric Best were visiting here with Jayson from Colorado. Jayson was so sweet and enjoyed playing with my shells during our portrait session. It was a beautiful sunset. It's fun to end up with a walk in the ocean.
Wednesday May 13, 2009
What a wonderful Mother's Day on the Kai Kanani! Melissa was working on the boat, but we still had a fun time. Jimmy was able to join us. We saw a lot of spinner dolphins and turtles. We had a terrific lunch at Longhi's and a nice evening after.
As we say here: "Lucky we live Maui".
I hope all moms out there had as great a day.
Thursday April 23, 2009
The Barbour family came from Southern California. Poor little Jayson was sick but he was such a trooper during photos. He tried so hard to keep a happy face through his coughing. He even tried to hold his cough until I took the photo! When I told him he could cough if he needed to he was happy. It's sad when people get sick when visiting here. He was a real sweetie as well as his great parents. Loved his blue crocs!
Tuesday April 20, 2009
Easter was a fun day with the puppies! Melissa and Jimmy came over for a fun evening. Roxy was so happy to have Hurley come over to play. They had their own Easter hunt...instead of eggs and chocolate the hunted for doggie cookies, bones and toys.
Thursday April 16, 2009
Haley came for her senior portraits from Chico, California. It was fun meeting a family from where I lived years ago. Haley brought her boyfriend and we included her sister, Kayla and her boyfriend. We did the typical senior portraits, but also played and photographed some fun moments. Our sunsets here aren't always those beautiful orange and pink colors, but they can still be beautiful with the heavy cloud cover. Beautiful girls!
Monday, April 13, 2009
I photographed this very nice family 5 years ago. I love my repeat customers and watching them grow. Daniel was such a sweet big brother and Delani was a 2 year old you would guess was 4. Very cute. Happy Birthday Sherry and Happy Anniversary Sherry and Mo!

Little Delani didn't want to hold hand so she compromised by holding the starfish.
Tuesday April 7, 2009
Just Sunny wishes for today!
Monday April 6, 2009
It's senior portrait time. Kyle came from Colorado for his senior portraits. I photographed his brother Brian 2 years ago. We went up to Poli-Poli State Park up on the slopes of Haleakala. We later went to the beach for more portraits in the evening. Congratulations Kyle!

Ma Lou Puka Kula' Ana!
Sunday April 5, 2009
A lazy Sunday morning. So, it's catch up day. Yesterday, I planned on spending the afternoon with Jeane and Jackson, but got a last minute call to work. Sorry Jackson! Maybe we can have a play day at the beach with Roxy puppy. Roxy loves the kids. Here she is chasing a mermaid! Poor little mermaid Jordan...hard to run with those fins! Roxy needs some mommy time. Think I'll take her to the beach for a run later.
Thursday April 2, 2009
Melissa and Jimmy leave today to visit family and friends in Burlingame (CA.) So glad they will connect with Erik and Madison. Hope they have a fantastic time. Lots of big plans to visit friends, see The Giants, too bad it's not the A's! Ha Jimmy!
We'll miss you! Hello to everyone connecting with them this next week!
PALEKANA HO'I KAUHALE KOKE (Be safe return home soon)
Wednesday April 1, 2009
Missing my dad. He was here for a week and went back to California 2 weeks ago. I was sad, until daddy sent me a poem he wrote when I was a kid. He found it in his drawer and Annie said let's send it to Kimmy. This is what he wrote many, many years ago:
"To our daughter Kim, with eyes so fair, who thru your life a burden must bare. Your mom and I would like to say, how proud we are of you this day. With childish tricks you've caused us worry, But with redeeming deeds from the dog house scurry. With life around you harsh and fast You have never turned to pills or grass. Within us Kim, we truly beam, when we look at you at 17."
I'm not sad anymore, I just miss my daddy!
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Went up to Kula yesterday to see Maureen and George. Maureen and I went looking for Jacaranda trees, but it's a couple of weeks early. Found a sunflower patch but couldn't get past the gate. I'll try next week. Jeane and I will go to the lavender farm with little Jackson for a belated 1 year b-day. Driving home, I stopped to photograph this mailbox assortment. I've driven by it many times, but it was never the right time to stop. Be sure to click on the image to see it larger with the details.
Today, is work day. It's so sunny and nice, hard to be indoors. Maybe later, I can go for a swim.
Monday, March 30, 2009 Evening
What a great family from Redmond, Washington! We had a fun evening on the beach.
Tears, smiles and all! Mommy and Daddy were so patient as I did my silly stuff to photograph the kids.
Hope to see them again.
Monday, March 30, 2009
What a beautiful day on Maui Waters yesterday! I went out for a trip on The Kai Kanani. We left Makena around 9:00am and went straight out to Molokini for snorkeling. No snorkeling for me, toooo cold! I'm just happy to be out on the water feeling the ocean breezes and soaking in the sunshine. Fran and her son Steven and his girlfriend were visiting from Reno and took the trip as well. We then went over to Turtle town and saw lots of turtles, a puffer fish floating on top of the water and whales off in the distance. It's the end of whale season so we aren't seeing many right now. They'll be back in November. Great lunch on board and yummy mai tais and rum punch. then, came home and worked on my website. I finally got my Art Gallery live on my website.
Thanx Capt. Mel for the great day!

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